News from Norwich

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What a nice day yesterday! We saw the shopping center, the Forum and the City Hall of Norwich. In the evening we saw “X-Men” at the cinema! 😀

Virginia, Gabriella, Marco, Alessandro e Paolo

Our host family has got two statues of penguins and I took a selfie (#pelfie) with them.



We offered to make spaghetti with pesto and garlic, oil and chilli… and they liked it!


Norwich is a really beautiful town where you can have great fun with your friends and meet many people.

Pablo, Giacomo, Paolo e Lorenzo

This experience will be forever in our mind. We found some strange people… an old woman gave us an illustrated bible!

Host families are really kind to us.

The weather is better than we thought and the people are more friendly.

Their food is really different from ours.

Here guys wear uniforms at school.

We have to be careful when we cross the road!

Luca, Davide, Massimiliano

There is only a word to describe this experience: fantastic! We can have fun and improve our English at the same time. We also like the afternoon and evening activities. We will never forget this week!

Marco, Matteo, Lucia, Francesca

One of the most fulfilling experiences of our life! Everything is awesome: the family, the school, the evening visits and… last but not the least.. our crazy funny group!

Lucia, Luca, Maicol, Cristopher, Giulia

Good journey, good family, good friends… but cucumbers in our sandwiches and a strange little girl at home!